Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Your youth ministry students all have things they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. Often, these aspirations are dismissed as unrealistic or outside the realm of possibility. Let them know they can accomplish anything they believe in.

Youth Ministry Reflection: I know that when I take care of myself, I make my whole life better. Properly caring for me gives me the passion and energy to live life to its fullest with plenty left over to devote to those I love.

Youth Ministry Reflection: I firmly believe that only the strongest of the strong are given challenges from God such as the ones I face. I manage to nurture my health every day and maintain a normal life.

Youth Ministry Reflection: Darkness is powerless when I am around because I bring light with me wherever I go. I shine my light boldly and proudly so that others may be uplifted by it, Fear has no place in my life.

Your youth ministry students will never know what they are truly good at until they give different things a try. When they take action to find their strengths, they just might surprise themselves!

Youth Ministry Reflection: When I pray, I relinquish control of my life to my Creator. I surrender my will and desires because I know that my plans for my life are miniscule compared to the plans my Creator has set out for me.

Here is an important question to ask your youth ministry: Do you find yourself repeating behaviors that sabotage your success? Are you ready to put your limiting behavior to rest in favor of a better outlook and greater fulfillment?

Your youth ministry students may have a few bad habits such as biting their nails or drinking too much coffee. They might have more severe habits like smoking or extreme anger. Here are a few ideas to share with them on breaking those habits.

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