Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Youth Ministry Resources: In youth ministry, there’s a lot to communicate. Youth leaders need to communicate with a whole lot of people: students, parents, community members etc. So how can we make sure we communicate effectively with those we want to reach?

Youth Ministry Lessons: As Facebook continues to grow in popularity and has become a mainstay for most teenager’s online time, the question continues to be thrown around on whether or not parents should join Facebook.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Everyone loves a good pizza. What few pizza lovers might realize, however, is that the pizza business can be intense. It can be so intense, in fact, that pizza shop owners will go to pretty crazy lengths to burn out their competition.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In an epic milestone, the world population has officially reached 7 billion people. That is a very impressive feat considering in 1987 the population of the world was only 5 billion meaning that in less than 25 years 2 billion people were added.

Youth Group Lessons: People spend large amounts of money on their pets. With Americans spending $55 billion annually on their pets, the market is open for gourmet pet food and boutique pet clothing, all seen at this year’s Global Pet Expo.

Youth Ministry Resources: A disruptive teen in your youth group can pretty much ruin all your plans. When that happens once, you’ll have to accept it. But when there’s a teen who regularly disrupts your lessons or small group session, it’s time to take action.

Youth Group Lessons: The Indy Racing League is an auto-racing league for professional race car drivers. Winners can expect millions of dollars in earnings, making it a high-risk high reward sport that’s not for the faint of heart.

Youth Ministry Resources: In youth ministry there’s always something happening, someone in crisis, or somewhere where you’re needed. But if you answer every call, run to every incident, or are present at everything that happens, you will run aground fast.

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