Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Youth Ministry Lessons: A young mother who has seen her share of heartache after losing her husband, was at home with her infant son on New Year’s Eve when she heard someone trying to break into her home.

Youth Ministry Curriculum: In October 2009 self-help guru James Arthur Ray made headlines. While conducting a sweat lodge ceremony at the Angel Valley Resort in Sedona, three participants didn’t make it through, dying from complications due to over-heating.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Everyone loves a good pizza. What few pizza lovers might realize, however, is that the pizza business can be intense. It can be so intense, in fact, that pizza shop owners will go to pretty crazy lengths to burn out their competition.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Students in Zanesville, Ohio were given an unexpected day off of school. It wasn’t due to inclement weather or teacher in-service,  it was because dozens of exotic animals were intentionally released from their cages and roaming the county.

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