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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Youth Ministry Lessons: For decades parents have warned about the risks of alcohol and drugs. While this is warranted, experts are now cautioning parents against the rise of a new form of substance abuse among teenagers: prescription drugs.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In terribly sad truth, girls as young as 13 are taken advantage of and abused for the sex trade in Las Vegas. In addition to drugs, they must deal with the psychological and sexual abuse thrown on them from those who prey on them.

Youth Ministry Resources: To smoke pot or not to smoke pot – the debate continues to rage across states as yet another study has come out to examine what, if any, effects the legalization of marijuana has on teenage consumption.

Youth Group Lessons: In a perfect world, mothers would automatically set aside their wants and needs for those of their children. But that’s in a perfect world and our world is anything but perfect.

Even though using performance-enhancing steroids is illegal in most sports, many athletes dope up to give them the edge. Even though they try to keep the use a secret, they are usually found out and it leads to a big fall…

Youth Ministry Lessons: In yet another scandal in the world of sports, Ryan Braun, named the National League’s 2011 “Most Valuable Player”, supposedly tested positive in a recent, random drug test performed on the Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball team.

Youth Ministry Lessons: They work hard to make their dreams happen, using their sport to steer clear of the peer pressures that others their age might experience. However, for one Olympic hopeful, the dream is over after a few bad choices.

Youth Group Lessons: As details of Amy Winehouse’s death were released and facts of her life became public, fans, critics and friends were all forced to come to terms with her tumultuous lifestyle.

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