Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Here is a Handout to print out or e-mail and share with the parents of your students! There are three simple things to keep in mind when taking time to pray for your youth ministry students, and this handout is a great reminder of them!

Prayer is a very important aspect of a believer’s spiritual life.  It allows us to have a way to communicate with the Lord.  While there is no wrong way to pray, having a prayer journal can make your prayer life a little easier.

Prayer plays an important role in one’s relationship with the Heavenly Father. In addition to connecting with God, Prayer has other life changing attributes that are extremely positive and help all of us in our journey of life.

The act of praying is a vibrant, dynamic, and transformative one, and should become an integral part of each of your youth ministry student’s lives. So here is a question for you to think about, What does it mean to pray?

Making sure that you have time set aside in your life to pray and connect with God is often over looked. But making time for God is one of the most important pieces to a fulfilling life. Let’s encourage your student’s to make time for God!

Here is a handout to share with your youth ministry on the topic of “How To Pray”. Encourage your students to keep it simple and make an effort to make a meaningful connection with God in their private time.


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