Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, April 21, 2024

The youth group is about to get tangled up into a big knot! Everyone is connected and part of the rope, it needs to be untangled! Everyone must come together as part of the team to accomplish the goal!

How often do you contact your youth group and their families?If you meet with your youth group on a weekly basis, all you have to do is remind everyone that if they need someone to talk with, you are always here to help!

Dodge ball is a classic game and always fun with a large youth group. Get everyone running around having fun and working as a team. Just a simple little twist on Dodge ball turns the classic game into Zombie Dodge ball!

This Ice Breaker is great for any youth group. Just get a partner and get ready to learn about each other, what do we have in common? How are we different? Open up and share a little bit about yourself and your partner will do the same.

Sometimes we feel that we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. But understand that no one can do everything except for God. When you try to take on everything, you can become overwhelmed, and run the risk of burning out.

Outreach for your youth group can sometimes mean a little bit of work. Can you make money cutting grass? Sure, but cutting someone’s grass for free who really needs it and will greatly appreciate it, is much more fulfilling. Let’s Go!

A great game for your youth ministry. This one can be a ton of fun. The whole group takes part in “helping out” their classmates figure out a real simple question, Who Am I? Get ready for a lot of laughing and crazy answers!

This Ice Breaker is a quick way to learn a little bit about your students while having fun as a group. Can you guess which item is false? Get the entire group engaged and having fun in this great quick class starting ice breaker!

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