Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Thursday, July 25, 2024

Your youth ministry students might wonder if there is a right or a wrong way to study the Bible. There really are no rules to studying the Bible, but here are a few suggestions to help your students in their walk with the Lord.

Worry seems to be a major issue with many Christians and according to the Word, it should not even be a problem. We are told in Matthew that we are not to worry about tomorrow because it really does have its own set of troubles.

God talks about not worshiping any other god’s but Him. God is not saying that you can’t be excited about going to your favorite band’s concert but that God wants us to put Him first.  He wants us to worship Him like we are at His concert.

Prayer is a very important aspect of a believer’s spiritual life.  It allows us to have a way to communicate with the Lord.  While there is no wrong way to pray, having a prayer journal can make your prayer life a little easier.

Jesus Loves Me This I Know!  We often have the ability to over complicate things, sometimes it’s a good idea to think like a child when it comes to love. Don’t know what I mean? Check out this handout to share with your youth ministry!

The truth will set us free! Jesus Christ and His message is the truth that we all need in our lives. Let’s talk with our youth ministry about Truth. Here is a handout for you to download and share with them on that very topic!

Prayer plays an important role in one’s relationship with the Heavenly Father. In addition to connecting with God, Prayer has other life changing attributes that are extremely positive and help all of us in our journey of life.

The act of praying is a vibrant, dynamic, and transformative one, and should become an integral part of each of your youth ministry student’s lives. So here is a question for you to think about, What does it mean to pray?

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