Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Making sure that you have time set aside in your life to pray and connect with God is often over looked. But making time for God is one of the most important pieces to a fulfilling life. Let’s encourage your student’s to make time for God!

Here is a handout to share with your youth ministry on the topic of “How To Pray”. Encourage your students to keep it simple and make an effort to make a meaningful connection with God in their private time.

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the most out of your Bible reading? You read the good book every day, but maybe you should be getting more from studying the Bible so diligently. Check out these tips to get more from your reading!

One of the best decisions we can make in our lifetime is to strive for a closer relationship with the Lord. Through many trials and tribulations in our life it is truly wonderful when we are lead back on the road to salvation and to God.

Your youth ministry students will fail. Failure is simply a stepping-stone on the way to success, but to a teenager, it can be the end of the world. How your students deal with failure will determine their future success.

Which of the following doesn’t belong? Here is a great Christmas themed Ice Breaker for your youth group this season. Learn a little bit about everyone, and at the same time see how much everyone knows about each other!

Are you running short of ideas for your youth group lessons? Is generating fresh ideas for your sermons becoming difficult? By following the techniques discussed in this article, you will be a creative power house!

Here is a handout to use with your youth ministry to focus in on your foundation. The tallest buildings in the world have impressively large and strong foundations, but nothing that can compare to the foundation that we have as Christians!

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