Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Ministry Ideas: Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are often seen as distractions. But here is a a video about a teacher who has used twitter to engage and help his students! A great idea to try out with your youth ministry!

Youth Group Lessons: What would you do if you found a big ol’ bag of cash? No name on the bag, and no one in sight that it might belong to. Would you seek out the owner? Well here is a story for your youth ministry about someone who did!

Youth Ministry Lessons: What happens when religious belief and sporting regulations clash? Here is an example of a woman’s faith and love for a sport doing just that. As Christians, does our faith ever clash with other interests?

People who commit crimes should be held accountable. But there are situations where the way to punish is not clear because of the circumstances. Here is a class discussion that will really get your youth ministry talking!

Do you feel the church has played a big enough role in fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic? If not, what can the church do to help those infected? What responsibility do we as Christians have when it comes to this world-wide epidemic?

Office organization for a youth ministry leader is a must! Keeping a well organized office will allow you to spend the limited time each day offers helping your students, not pulling out your hair looking for a file!

Would you be able to live in a home that is seemingly overrun by snakes? Sometimes the best way to get your youth ministry students talking is by sharing crazy and interesting stories, and this is one crazy story!

In a recent request by New York City, lawmakers are waiting to hear if they can successfully ban food stamps for fizzy drinks. According to lawmakers, the concerns come with a rise in obesity and related illnesses such as diabetes.

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