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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Youth Ministry Lessons: In a rather odd situation, workers at a graveyard in Berlin recently exhumed the bones of a prisoner dead for more than twenty years, burned the remains and scattered them at sea in a secret and private ceremony.

Youth Group Lessons: Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy for ads that use a model with a strikingly similar look to her own. It might not seem like a very important piece of news, but it highlights a lawsuit happy culture gaining steam.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Comedian Dean Obeidallah posed a simple question: Are social media creating the laziest generation? While his comments are all opinion and reflection on the use of social media, his words echo the concerns of many others.

Youth Group Lessons: Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a bill that will require all public schools in his state to rewrite history textbooks to include the contributions of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) men and women.

Youth Ministry Lessons: For most families, when their pet seems to have run away from home the ending is not usually a happy one as they never receive closure. This story is a bit more complicated and raises some interesting questions!

Youth Ministry Lessons: Prison life is one of hardship and loneliness, a time for men and women to be separated from society to pay the penalty for their crimes. For one prison in the state of Washington, however, the reality is pretty far from the stereotype.

Youth Ministry Lessons: When a teenager is blessed with something in life, they might take it for granted. This is not one of those stories. Here is a story of a teenager who wins and then gives back $40,000!

Youth Group Lessons: When you think of pot smokers, chances are you think of teenagers sitting around a party table, not necessarily older men and women fighting serious diseases with what they view as a medicinal herb.

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