Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Youth Group Lessons: As the human population continues to expand, we build and live in areas closer and closer to “wild” animals. This has lead to human/animal interaction, and raises questions about our responsibility.

Youth Ministry Lessons: During the summertime months, men, women and children flock to public pools to escape the heat and have a good time with friends and family. For one young mother, however, the events took an odd and disturbing turn.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The Pew Research Center Internet and American Life project set out to see how the presence of such a small piece of technology has changed the dynamic between teenagers and their parents.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In movies with a perfectly executed bank robbery, the robbers get out effortlessly, walking out with millions of dollars in cash. They almost never get caught. Real life bank robbers, however, can be a little more…sloppy.

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