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Sunday, April 21, 2024

It seems that the word “sexting” is now common place in the vocabulary of teens. Perhaps this is why officials feel that you cannot over-talk about sexting to teenagers. The negative ramifications for teenagers are endless.

No one ever imagined the television set declining in importance but recent data from the Nielsen group, a company that follows media use, is showing that younger Americans are slowly moving away from the tube.

A bizarre story out of San Diego has left many officials and private citizens scratching their heads and wondering how in the world a human being could have been left and forgotten about for so long.

Whenever the words “Christian” and “homosexuality” appear in the same sentence it is likely that some type of controversy will ensue. For many reasons, those two things simply cannot coexist and have been on the forefront of civil rights issues for decades.

In the past, it was assumed that education was its own reward. Students were expected to go to school simply because education was believed to be important, the key to bettering oneself in society. Today, however, the rules have changed.

In years past, getting your first job as a teenager was a rite of passage. Much like getting your license, the ability to apply for and find a job was a step towards adulthood and away from the dependence on mom and dad for every little financial need.

While many times the fight of abortion is held in public debates and courtrooms, it is easy to forget that just as there are grassroots organizations to help prevent abortions, there are also non-profit organizations to help women afford the procedure.

Youth Lessons: Tim Tebow is on the top of his game. Love him or hate him, the kid’s got talent. He seems to be a natural athlete with a staunchly upright moral character. While he hasn’t made a huge deal about his virginity, the media has.

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