Adventist Sermons

Adventist sermons must be founded in sound biblical scripture and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Adventist sermons can be as charismatic and as interesting as the preacher delivering the sermon. Throughout my life I have heard many Adventist sermons in various churches and there seems to me to be a fairly distinct difference between those and a sermon or mass delivered at a Catholic Church.

I was raised Catholic and participated in a lot of activities throughout my teen years with my local Catholic Church. When I went off to college I was exposed to members of other branches of Christianity. For the longest time I thought that when you went to church on a Sunday morning every single church would be fairly similar in how they deliver the word of Jesus Christ.

When I was a child growing up and I went to Catholic mass on Sunday morning for the most part each sermon was fairly low-key and each mass was filled with many traditions that were repeated week after week. When I went to my first Protestant church I was exposed to a variety of Adventist sermons, from various different preachers.

Differences with Adventist Sermons

The first notable difference between one of the Adventist sermons and a Catholic sermon was that the Adventist sermons seem to be a lot livelier. The preacher was much more charismatic in a way that he delivered his message to the congregation. He was free to walk around the church with his arms raised high being extremely expressive with his body language. His inflection lowered and raised with the point he was trying to convey to his congregation. Overall when listening to one of the Adventist sermons, to me it seemed like a much more engaging experience.

Listening to one of the Adventist sermons was a bit of culture shock. I enjoyed listening to the Adventist sermons, but at the same time I was taken aback a bit. Where I was raised, my Catholic mass was a quiet introspective time for me to be with God. While at one of the Adventist sermons it was more of a time to praise and show your love for God.

I am very pleased that I have been able to experience a Catholic mass and also many Adventist sermons in addition to many other Church activities. If you’re reading this and wondering if I am a Catholic or Protestant or a Baptist, I don’t consider myself any of them. I have had the opportunity to see how each one of these branches of Christianity expressed themselves and I respect them deeply. For me though the most important part of being a Christian is the personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So on one Sunday you might find me in a Catholic church praising Jesus. The next Sunday you might find me listening to Adventist sermons. The Sunday after that you might find me in a Baptist congregation praising Jesus Christ.

So no matter where you hang your hat in terms of going to church or running a youth ministry keep an open mind to how different people praise and show their love for Jesus Christ. As long as your sermons or Bible lessons are founded incorrect sound biblical scripture you are doing God’s work.

If you ever have a chance in life, even if you are not Protestant or evangelical, listen to one of the Adventist sermons at a local church and see how you like it!

If you’re listening to an Adventist sermon or series of Adventist sermons the best thing you can do to get the most out of the sermons is to engage yourself into what is being taught. When you focus on the message that your preacher is delivering during his or her sermon you are much more likely to be moved and feel the message in your heart you are able to take that message and fully accept it into your life. A lot of people just go to church and listen to the sermons that they are having preached to them, and never really dig deeper into the message that is being talked about.

You should make the point that when you are listening to Adventist sermons to always make sure to give your full attention and respect to anyone teaching or receiving the message in the Adventist sermons. When we are learning about the word of God and the works of Jesus Christ through any kind of ministry, we should always be as respectful as we can, and engage ourselves as much as we can, especially during Adventist sermons.

When you’re listening to Adventist sermons I like the shuffle to the Holy Spirit and the works of God inside you. When you hear the word of God preached to you there when Adventist sermon allow God’s will to touch her spirit, and allow yourself to let go and feel God’s presence all around you and inside your heart. This doesn’t mean that you have to be running up and down the aisles of your church but it does mean that you should be focusing on what is being talked to you and allow that message to reach into your heart. God’s word is meant to be spoken in all places and when you are listening to Adventist sermon you should allow yourself to truly feel the message that is trying to be conveyed.

If your ever prepare an Adventist sermon, keep in mind that everything you say during your Adventist Sermons to the listeners, no matter where they are when they hear the Adventist sermons should be biblically true factual statement from the Bible. When you’re preparing an Adventist sermon or series of Adventist sermons connect the stories of the Bible and the messages of the Bible to the messages and the current events of what is happening in today’s world with the people who will be listening to your Adventist sermons. When you’re able to connect the stories of the Bible and the message of God in your Adventist sermons to what is happening in today’s world you’re able to grab everybody’s attention and show those who are listening to you preach that what they are going through has been done before. There are stories of the Bible that can easily touch us today because of the circumstances and the struggles that we currently have. When you’re preparing your Adventist sermons understand that the people who are listening to you have a lot of things on their mind, a lot of worry and a lot of grief. The listeners of your Adventist sermons are also looking for ways that they can help themselves, and their community, so within your Adventist sermons give them answers that they are seeking.