This Ice Breaker is a simple way to start class and get everyone included in the group. Beach balls are always fun, at concerts , at the beach, at the park, and even when getting to know your classmates a little better!

Materials: Beach Ball, Large Black Marker.

Inside or Outside: Inside or Outside

This is a great Ice Breaker that can be done with any sized youth group.

Get a traditional large beach ball and in each “panel” of the beach ball take a black marker and write a question that will be easy to answer quickly for the students.

1. What is your favorite TV Show?

2. What is your favorite sport?

3. What is your favorite animal?

4. ….favorite book?

5. ….favorite band?

6.  Etc.

7.  Etc.

8.  Etc.

Get everyone in a large circle and throw the ball to someone.

The person who catches the ball, must quickly read the question that is facing them when they catch the ball and answer it QUICKLY, then throw it to someone else.

This is a great ice breaker to start the class and share fun facts with your classmates.