Here is an Ice Breaker to get your youth group thinking on their toes. When you hear a name of a place, or a person or thing, what can you relate to it? There are a lot of answers, but the group must hurry, you only have a few seconds!

Ice Breaker Materials: Nothing.

Inside or Outside: Inside

This game is similar to World Traveler.

In a circle or sitting at a table one person starts by saying any object or thing. “Basketball”

The person to their right must say something that can be remotely related to “Basketball” For example “Hoop”. But the answers can go in any direction because you could also relate the word “Basketball” to the word “Team”, plus there could be a ton more answers that would make sense!

Now this can get wacky and real fun because the answers can be wide open and if the students are creative you’ll get answers you wouldn’t think of usually.

For Example:

Basketball – Hoop – Earrings – Ears – Face – Woman

This game can go on forever and is a ton of fun! Make things interesting and put a little pressure on the group by challenging everyone to come up with an answer in under 3 seconds!