This Ice Breaker is a quick way to learn a little bit about your students while having fun as a group. Can you guess which item is false? Get the entire group engaged and having fun in this great quick class starting ice breaker!

Materials: None.

Inside or Outside: Inside

This ice breaker brings the entire youth group together in one big circle.

Ask everyone in the circle to think of 2 things that are true about themselves, and one thing that is false.

For example if I were to think of 2 things that were true:

My family owns a beach house in Florida, and my favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut butter cup.

I have gone sky diving is false.

Have each person say the three things they thought of out loud to the class.

The class as a group then must vote on which of the 3 is the false item.

This is a great way to express everyone’s interests and to learn a little bit about every student.