Here is an Ice Breaker to get everyone up and jumping! An easy way to get the blood pumping while answering questions! You have two choices, and you have to pick 1 OR 2, so which is it? Get ready to Jump!

Materials: Colored Masking tape.

Inside or Outside: Inside

This game will divide your youth group! Well… kinda.

Get thick colored masking tape, and put it on the ground in a straight line, long enough so that everyone in the group has enough room to stand over it.

Then ask the group a series of “or” questions.

If they choose the first answer have them jump to the left side of the tape, if they choose the second answer they jump to the right side of the tape.

For example:

“Red or blue”

If someone chooses “red” the would jump and be standing on the left side of the tape, if they choose blue they would be on the right.

Here are a couple of examples to use:

Read OR Watch TV

Pizza OR Salad

Go out OR Stay In

Bowling OR Movies

Individual OR Team

Travel to the future OR travel to the past

Swim like a dolphin OR fly like an eagle