What do you get when you combine your youth ministry and the song “12 Days of Christmas”? A lot of fun! Add in a little creativity and everyone will be having a great time as a group. So don’t be shy and get ready to do a little singing!

Materials: Music, a little creativity.

Inside or Outside: Inside

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can all gear up for the Christmas season.  It’s a great time of year to come together with your youth ministry and have some fun!

When you’re meeting with your youth group you need an activity that can get everybody into the Christmas spirit. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are all familiar with the song “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

So why don’t you start off a class or meeting by singing the song with your students? But let’s make it real interesting!

If you have less than twelve student’s give each of them at least one number , 1-12, and some of your student’s 2 numbers .

If you have more than 12 students in your youth group, have them break off into groups and assign a number 1-12 to each of the groups.

For every number that a student is assigned, they must come up with a unique gift to sing during the song. So when it is their turn in the song, instead of “5 Golden rings” …. it can be “5 Ford Mustang GT’s”!

Of course some of your students will be shy, but be fun and encouraging! I highly recommend you find the music to play so that your student’s aren’t going “a cappella”, and if the music is going, it’s much easier to get into it!

One source would be Karaoke Version:


If you decide to give it a try, really go for it, some of your student’s might look at you like your wacky but…well you are! While you are here, check out the version of “12 Days” by the group Straight No Chaser,talented guys and great Christmas music!