If you had 30 seconds to say something great about your friend and classmate, what would you say? Hurry Hurry, only 30 seconds. And when it’s all done you have a great gift for your friend, and all your friends have one for you!

Materials: Sheets of paper (one for each student), Markers (one for each student)

Inside or Outside: Inside

Gather everyone into a circle sitting down. Each person is given a sheet of paper and a marker.

Have everyone write their name on their sheet of paper.

Then everyone sitting in the circle passes their paper to the person sitting to the right of them. Each student then writes a positive description of the person whose name is on the top of the paper.

Every 20-30 seconds have everyone pass the paper and write until everyone has their paper back.

In the end everyone will have a paper filled with positive messages from their classmates!