A fun game for your youth ministry when taking advantage of a nice day, but what happens when the teams can’t see each other? A great game for a large youth group where a lot of players can cover a good amount of playing area.

Materials: Clothesline or volleyball net, volleyball or beach ball, large bed sheets or large blankets to cover the net.

Inside or Outside: Outside

Use a clothesline or volleyball net with a blanket draped over it to divide the playing area.

The game is played like a regular game of volleyball, but because of the blanket(s) draped over the net the teams cannot see each other.

Start by serving the ball just as in a regular volley ball game, and send the ball over to the other team to begin. As soon as one side puts the ball out of bounds or the ball hits the ground the other team scores a point. Same exact rules as a regular volley ball game.

Have fun!