The youth group is about to get tangled up into a big knot! Everyone is connected and part of the rope, it needs to be untangled! Everyone must come together as part of the team to accomplish the goal!

Materials: None

Inside or Outside: Inside or Outside

Get the students into a big circle. (This game also works well as a race between several circles in larger groups.)

Have everyone put their left hand in the middle,  and hold hands with a random person in the circle, just not a person immediately next to them.

Do the same with the right hand, again make sure it isn’t someone immediately next to them and isn’t the person they are holding hands with already.

Now everyone is holding hands with both hands, and everyone is part of the rope! Now the hard part, untangle the rope by ducking under and stepping over arms!

The group then has to unravel themselves into a circle without coming disconnected, when done they will be forming a circle.

You can add challenges to this game by timing it, and seeing how fast you can free the knot, or have more than one team competing and see who finishes first.