Everyone gather around for a great group game to learn a little about each other! Bringing your youth ministry together is always easy when you are having fun, so break this game out at anytime to learn more about each student!

Materials: Enough chairs for everyone -1.

Inside or Outside: Inside

Have everyone grab a chair and form a circle. Have one student stand in the middle of the group. The game starts with all the chairs taken and one person in standing in the middle.

The person in the middle then loudly yells out something they have never done. Example, Joe says “Never have I ever gone scuba diving!”

The people sitting in the chairs must get up and switch chairs with someone else ONLY if they HAVE done what the person said they have not done.

So if Andy is sitting down, and Joe says “Never I have ever gone scuba diving” and Andy has gone scuba diving, he must get up and look to switch chairs with someone else who has gone scuba diving.

The person standing must look for an open chair when people stand to switch.

Whoever is left standing is the next to stand in the middle and tell the group something they have never done!

A great game to learn more about each other and everyone’s past experiences!