A great game that requires a good amount of space to run and get a little crazy! A great game for your youth group when it gets too hot to stay inside, and you want to catch a few rays during the spring or summer.

Materials: Large Sponges, large buckets of water.

Inside or Outside: Outside

This game requires a fairly large open space to run, and items that can be used for “cover”.

Mark a starting line. Mark a finishing line.

Find obstacles that are large enough to hide behind (Trash bin, picnic table, tree, bushes, maybe your car:)) and have that as the playing area.

Depending on how many are in your youth group and how large the playing area is, have a number of the kids be the “protectors” or defense ( In most cases 2 or 3 kids).

The rest of the kids act as the “runners” or offense.

The jobs of the “runners” is to one at a time try to get to the finish line without getting hit from the sponges thrown by the “protectors” by using the obstacles and dodging.

The job of the “protectors” is to hit the “runners” with the water soaked sponges, before they can reach the finish line.

Rules: Protectors can only carry 2 water soaked sponges at a time. If they throw and miss both of the sponges they must return to the water buckets for new sponges before throwing again.