Outreach for your youth group can sometimes mean a little bit of work. Can you make money cutting grass? Sure, but cutting someone’s grass for free who really needs it and will greatly appreciate it, is much more fulfilling. Let’s Go!

Once a week, gather everyone up who has a lawn mower, and load them up into a truck.

Get ready to sweat, because it’s time to cut the grass.

Offer to cut anyone’s grass that needs it, especially the elderly or anyone else in need.

If your church has any widows, single mothers this is a great way to help out.

While helping those who go to the church, make sure to knock on the neighbors doors to get the word out about your church. “Hi, I’m with ABC Church, our youth group is helping out the community with free grass cutting, can we help you?”

The cost of this is fairly low, just the gas to get the lawn mowers running. As with any other outdoor service outreach, the more people to help out, the better! Work as a team, and help out your community while doing so!