Let’s face reality, summer is coming to an end! Let’s gear up for the fall and start planning an outreach event for the youth group. The more volunteers you can get, the more land you’ll be able to cover… or should I say UNCOVER!

Before you know it, autumn will be here and the leaves are going to start falling.

A few weeks’ notice by handing out flyers, making calls around the neighborhood can give everyone a heads up that your youth group will be helping the community out with FREE Leaf Raking!

This is a great outreach for any sized youth group; if you have just a few members able to volunteer you will still be able to cover a good amount of front and backyards on a single weekend afternoon.

If your youth ministry is sizable and can get a good amount of volunteers, then all bets are off…you’ll be able to cover every house on more than one street!

This is a wonderful outreach plan to get the students outside getting some exercise, while helping out your community.