Ya it is Summer right now, but everyone knows time flys! Soon enough it will cold and everyone will be bundled up. Here is an Outreach plan for your youth ministry to help your community during those long winter months.

Here is a great outreach program for any youth ministry that resides where the snow can fall fast and furious.

This can be done with a bunch of shovels, or of course if anyone has any heavy duty snow blowers or plows, that works as well!

Get a bunch of volunteers together and have a list of houses that you will shovel driveways and walkways for.

This can include the elderly at the church, single moms in the neighborhood, anyone who would need the help.

Shoveling a driveway alone can be tiring and take a good amount of time.

But if you are able to get even a small number of volunteers say 5-10, you will be able to clear a large driveway in less than 10 minute’s using just shovels.

A great way to get the word out about your youth group and church!