Let’s all do our part to make our environment a little cleaner. Gather up your youth group and unite to make an Earth Cleaning Super Team!… Or just a bunch of good people picking up other people’s trash to help out the community.

When you think about picking up trash, you probably think about the prisoners on the side of the highways in bright red jump suits.

But the job of picking up trash can be a very fulfilling one! Helping out our environment and cleaning up our community is always a priority.

You can take this idea and go as large or small as you want to with it.

It can be as simple as going for a walk with your youth group around town picking up trash you come across. Or you can contact the local town officials and volunteer as a group to help out where ever the town or local government would allow you.

After you are done, you can take in your newly cleaned area and have a group picnic in celebration of a job well done.