Who needs a water?! Who needs a coke?! What are you selling? Well… nothing, everything is free! Help everyone out on a hot day, when people are just looking to cool off with a refreshing beverage. A sure way to put a smile on someone!

This outreach idea is great for those hot and humid days where the sun is beating down on us.

You ever walk out of a concert or sporting event and there are people on the streets selling bottles of water and cans of coke…for about 5 dollars apiece?!!?!

Well we have all seen it, and if we are thirsty enough, maybe we’ve even bought from them.

But what if someone just handed you a bottle of water or an ice cold can of coke on a hot day?

Would you appreciate it? Sure you would!

So that’s the idea with this outreach plan.

Take up a collection at the church or have everyone just contribute a little bit of money, get down to the store and buy bottles of water and coke in bulk.

Get a big cooler (or a couple coolers) and “set up shop”.

Find a place where people are usually outside and start handing out refreshing beverages!