Educating teens and being a youth leader is definitely not easy, and you can lose command of a youth ministry in the blink of an eye. But lets plan ahead, so our Youth Ministry is the best that it possibly can be.

Here are some tips and direction to help you along your youth ministry path.

1. Be well prepared

In a teaching environment, preparation of the material you share with your group equates to trust. A youth pastor or youth leader needs to give the students the feeling they know the subject matter like the back of their own hand. When students get the impression that their teacher is not sure of what they are teaching, watch out, you might lose their respect. If you haven’t taken the time to know the material you are “teaching”, why should they give you their time to learn it? There can be no sign of pressure or hesitation, know the material you are going to teach to your youth ministry, simple.

2. Put into practice a Framework for your Youth Ministry

Teens need direction whether they know it or not. When a teen does not know what to anticipate, poor actions can be the outcome. Start every class or meeting with an ice breaker or quick game so that you can take attendance and get yourself situated. Have a plan for every class and also have a long term plan for your class material over a number of future meetings with your youth ministry .

3. Confirm Limitations

Your job is to lead your youth group to a relationship with Jesus Christ, not to be their best friend; they have fellow teens their age for that role. Don’t be afraid to share examples from your personal life while teaching, but have pre-determined lines that you will not cross with your students. If you have a presence online with a Facebook page or website, know what your interactions with your youth ministry will be away from the group setting and stick to those rules.

4. Be Dependable

It is challenging to constantly be fair, but in leading a youth group, if you are reasonable and reliable, students will show you their respect. Treat everyone the same. Give the same amount of attention to the social butterflies of the group as you do to the quiet and shy students.

5. Do not Obsess over your Errors.

It is easy to lose self-belief in your ministry if things do not go perfectly every time your youth group meets. If a lesson bombs, just regroup and make improvements for next class. Look at each day with your youth ministry as a brand new opportunity to be successful and make an impact in their lives.