Here are 5 wise tips for running and organizing a youth group meeting. As the leader of your youth group set the example of how to behave and let the students know what you expect out of everyone so that there is a shared positive experience!

Getting the most out of your Youth Group Meeting.

1.Have clear objectives for your time.

If you have a class or youth group meeting without clear objectives you run the risk not getting much done. So whenever your youth group meets have a clear goal or set of goals for your time with them. A general rule for any group meeting or class would be to have the topics you are going to cover known in advance and how much time you will be giving to those topics. In addition know how you will present those topics to the class, whether it be with a PowerPoint presentation, group discussion, question and answer session, or game.

2.Be disciplined with the class time.

Being disciplined with your time doesn’t mean checking your watch every minute to make sure you’re on track. But during the time with your youth group have a good idea of what you’ve accomplished in your time and what you still need to do with the remaining time. It’s up to you to decide how flexible with the agenda you will be, if you find that your youth group is having a great discussion, it might be a great idea to let it continue and finish up the rest of your class the next time you meet.

3.Be the leader.

Every time your youth group meets established order and authority. Now of course this doesn’t mean you have to have a scowl on your face, but you are leading the class and you have goals you need to accomplish. A great way to start off any class is to gather everybody around and have the entire group engaged in an icebreaker or group game.

4.Engage everyone in the youth group.

Make it a point to engage everybody in the class. Some students will always be more vocal and that is fine, but make sure to include and encourage those who are shy, or those whose attention may be wondering. A quick tip is to always use everybody’s first name to keep the attention of the group.

5.Be Prepared.

As the leader of your youth group your preparation for the class can be the difference between a ho-hum experience and a great one. Make sure everybody knows what time the class will start and end. If the students are required to bring items for the class make sure they are notified well ahead of time so there’s no confusion. Make sure that you have the supplies necessary for your class, and the topics you cover are timely and interesting to the students.

Always have fun with your youth group, your time together should always be inspiring, teaching, and positive for everyone involved!