Not everybody in your youth group is going to be a social butterfly or outspoken and be a constant contributor. This is not a bad thing in shape or form, they may just need a little encouragement to contribute.

Students hold back for a variety of reasons:

1. Some are afraid to be assertive

2. Some over analyze what they should say.

3. Some fear of rejection from the other students or you.

4. Some just have a great ability to listen to others.

Just because a student is shy and doesn’t contribute as much as the other students, it doesn’t mean they are not paying attention.

Shy people are usually great listeners, and are great assets to any group environment. They just need a little bit of encouragement so they can share their ideas and thoughts.

Here is a way to encourage and incorporate shy students into the class.

Have the student take part in a role you would usually do.

Say the class is brainstorming ideas and you are using a chalkboard. Just call the shy student to the front of the class and have them write the ideas that everyone is brainstorming. There is no pressure on them as the rest of the class is brainstorming, shouting out ideas and they are just writing the ideas on the blackboard.

The idea here is not to embarrass or single out anyone, it is just to incorporate the student into the class. The more and more they participate in simple little tasks, the easier it will become for them to volunteer and be outspoken in class.