Your youth group students are just like every other teen in the world, they have a lot of negative influences affecting them on a daily basis. Let’s identify the negative influences on your youth ministry students and work on eliminating them!

Titus 3:10, “As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him”

When you let negativity take over  and affect your life you can lose hope for the future. Negativity can take away yourself belief and even your faith. When you are negative you aren’t a very fun person to be around, people who are negative complain at any chance they can. There are many ways that negativity can affect your life, from your own negative thoughts to people treating you in a negative fashion. Let’s examine negativity in your life and a few questions on how you can eliminate it from your life.

Write down all the people or things in your life that affect you in a negative way.

1. ________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________

6. ________________________________________________________

7. ________________________________________________________

Group Discussion

1.How do you feel when you are pessimistic or negative?

2.How can you eliminate negative things from your life?

3. Is there anyone in your life who you have a negative relationship with? How can you fix this relationship and get rid of the negativity?

4. How can you use a negative in your life and turn it into a positive? (Example: John was cut from his high school baseball team, instead of getting down on himself he dedicated himself to training and made the team the following year.)

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