Youth Group Games: Spring is right around the corner, and we need to get out students moving! Here are 5 real simple games you can use just about anywhere at anytime. So get out there and have fun moving around!

All Together

Pair off the students and have them sit back-to-back with their arms locked. Then instruct them to stand up!

Pretty simple in theory but as you will see, it can be a little difficult. After the pairs of students are able to stand have them sit back down, and this time sit back-to-back with four people, once again arms interlocked and they try to stand up.

You can continue to do this until you have everybody in the class in the same group everybody with their arms interlocked trying to stand up as a team.


Huff Puff And Pop

This is a great team event if you can have multiple teams of 3 or 4 students.

Have the students line up and on your mark run to the opposite side of the room where they each have a chair. Sitting on the chair is a balloon, the student has to pick up the balloon, blow it up, tie it off, and pop it by sitting on it. When they are done, their teammate goes, first team with all the members to complete the relay wins.


How Low Can You Go

This game is really fun, and the only materials you are going to need are paperbags, ones that can stand up on their own (either large grocery store type, or the little lunch bag type). Place a paper bag in front of each of the students, and they have to pick up the bag with their mouth without letting any part of their body touch the floor for support (So they either have to bend or crouch really well, its like a personal game of twister) After the first round, those who couldn’t get the bag or touched the ground are eliminated.

For round two, have the same paper bags but cut in half so they are half the size when standing, which makes it more difficult and the students have to go down further to get.

Continue cutting in half each round until you have a winner.


Down the chain

This game can be done with two large teams competing against each other, or with the entire class on one team working together against the clock.

Have the students hold hands and without letting go, they have to maneuver a hula hoop around the circle of people. To add difficulty you can add that the hoop can’t touch the floor more than “x” amount of times.



This is a great game for outside or an area where you have a lot of running room.

  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock

Divide the class up into two teams and designate an end zone or safe zone for each team (like a football field).

The teams huddle up and choose what they will throw, “rock” “paper” or “scissors”. The two teams then come together in the middle of the playing area, and on your call they play out their rock paper or scissors.

The team that loses the rock paper or scissors must then quickly run back to their safe area as the team who won the rock paper scissors tries to tag them. Anyone who was tagged is eliminated.

The teams then huddle up again and repeat this until one team is completely eliminated.