Baptist Sunday School

Running a successful Baptist Sunday School

Some rules you encounter are Golden, to be considered forever and never forgotten. These are useful and important trail markers to guide us and help us stay always on track.

The Golden Rules are available to guide you, whatever your challenge, whatever your project. All you need to do is find them and follow them.

Here’s my 5 best Golden Rules to running a successful Baptist Sunday school.

Golden Rule # 1, make sure that everything you teach at your Baptist Sunday school is the word of God and is biblically accurate. The thinking behind doing it like this is to make sure that what you teach your students at your Baptist Sunday school is what God has intended for them to hear. Remember, the lessons from the Bible that you teach your students at your Baptist Sunday school will help shape who they become as young adults and then later in life as adults. When you make sure that the lessons you teach at your Baptist Sunday school are in line with the word of God you are setting your students up for success and giving them the tools to succeed in today’s world.

Golden Rule # 2, Make sure that the lessons that you teach at your Baptist Sunday school are creative and interesting. You will want to be careful using this because if what you teach is not interesting to your students you will lose their attention very quickly. And you need to keep in mind that if you lose the attention of your students they will not gain anything the lessons you teach at your Baptist Sunday school. The activities lessons in games they play a Baptist Sunday school should keep your students interested in what you have to teach them and have them wanting to learn more and more..

Golden Rule # 3, you should look for guidance from other members of the church when problems or issues arise at your Baptist Sunday school. There are several reasons you want to do this carefully. It’s important because by reaching out and asking for help with certain issues that may arise at Baptist Sunday school, you are showing that you are interested in only one thing, and that is the success of your students. So when questions arise or problems show their face, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from other church members or senior members of your community that will be able to help your Baptist Sunday school grow in a positive light.

Golden Rule # 4, Lead your Baptist Sunday school with a passion. You need to show your students the passion and love you have for Jesus Christ and his word through all of the activities at your Baptist Sunday school. When your passion and love for Jesus Christ show through in the activities at your Baptist Sunday school youth ministry students will see that not only do you preach it but you live it.

Golden Rule # 5, Have fun with your Baptist Sunday school This is important because if nobody is having fun that nobody will want to be there. Learning about Jesus Christ should be a fun activity. You are learning about our Lord and Savior and there was no need for the activities and the lessons at your Baptist Sunday school to be boring or dull. Jesus Christ was not boring or dull and neither should your Baptist Sunday school.. It is very important as it leads to your students wanting to be there accepting the word of God more and more.

If your primary objective will be to running a successful baptist Sunday school, then follow these time-tested rules, they’ve been proved to be noteworthy for many who have used them before you.