Creating Bible Lessons for Teenagers

Here at Christian Teen World we take producing Bible lessons for teenagers very seriously. We want to produce material that you can use at any time with your students to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Producing Bible lessons for teenagers can at times be difficult, but if you keep the following thoughts in mind when creating lesson for your students, you will be able to connect with your students and also be able to keep their attention throughout your time with them.

First, when creating Bible lessons for teenagers you must use topics which interest them. Along with topics that interest them, you must use topics that affect them in their daily lives. When teaching scripture from the Bible you must make a connection to their personal life so they can relate to both the characters and stories of the Bible.

Along with interesting topics, you have to present your Bible lessons for teenagers in an interesting way so you keep their attention. Teenagers are “talked to” all day long. Their teachers at school “talk to” them, their coaches “talk to” them, and in a lot of instances their parents “talk to” them. As a youth leader or youth minister a great approach is to “talk with” them. By talking with them instead of “to them” or at them you engage your students and keep them on their toes.

When presenting your lessons keep in mind that no matter how interesting or enthusiastically you present the material, students will get worn out if the class stretches out and lasts for too long of a time. So before presenting your Bible lessons have a predetermined time limit for class time, and make sure to switch things up with a game or an icebreaker to keep their attention.

Lastly and most importantly, have fun with your Bible lessons for teenagers. If you are creating a lesson for your teens or your youth ministry, the Bible does not have to be boring. Let your passion for God show in your lessons and also let your love for your students showing your lessons.

Here at we deliver two brand-new Bible lessons for teenagers each and every week for you to use with your teens. If you are a youth leader, a youth pastor, a Christian parent, or anybody else in a role, which interacts with teens, the material on this website can be a great asset to you and your ministry. In addition to the two brand-new Bible lessons each week, we have tons of other material that is constantly updated for you to use at any time.

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A few more tips that you should keep in mind when you are creating Bible lessons for teenagers. Make sure that all lessons you teach to the youth are fun and creative. Make sure that your teaching really engage students from the start. Keep your class laser targeted without too many points that you are trying to convey. Bible lessons aimed at teens should have one or two major focuses that you want to teach, at the most. Teenagers have short attention spans, and it doesn’t matter where they are, if something is going on too long you’re going to lose them, so keep the lessons short and sweet.

One last point, when you are creating Bible lessons for teenagers. Make sure that what you teach really conveys your love for Jesus Christ. When your students see that you love Jesus Christ when you are teaching your Bible lessons, you will be able to make a bond with your students during your class time a lot easier. They will see that your love and passion for Jesus Christ shows at all times including when you are teaching to them. And if your love and passion shows through while you are teaching the Bible lessons, they will know that you are for true with what you teach. The lessons you create for your students should be an extension of your love and passion for the word of God. So when you are teaching your Bible lessons for teenagers let that shine through.