When you are starting a youth ministry it can feel like it is you against the entire world as there are a lot of moving parts to a successful youth ministry. Getting everything done and prepared can seem like an overwhelming task at times. Having quality material prepared for your youth ministry Bible lessons and sermons can take a good amount of time, and on top of that planning outreach programs for your students can take a good amount of time and dedication. One thing that you should remember to always do is reach out for help from other people to help you as your youth ministry grows. The following is a list of people that you should contact while you are building your youth ministry into a thriving in powerful organization that will help many teens and young adults.

As a youth minister the first person they should reach out to is the senior preacher at your church. Now all youth ministries are planned differently and maybe your youth ministry is a small Bible lesson around your kitchen table. I still encourage you to reach out to a local church that you are part of for guidance from a senior member. They guidance that you will receive from the senior members of the church will help you immensely in the first days of your youth ministry and as your ministry grows and takes on new members. By having a friendly relationship with the senior members of your church you will be able to go to them not only for guidance but also for help when it comes to outreach programs and places for your youth ministry to assemble.

Another group of people that you should reach out to in your youth ministry work is the parents of your students.by reaching out to the parents of your students you will be able to use them as a sounding board as to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to teaching your youth ministry. You can talk to the parents about different issues that might be affecting the community and how your youth ministry can help. You should remember that the parents of your students have professions and making the contacts with the parents will only help you in the future as your youth ministry grows. Maybe one of the parents of a student is a local businessman who would like to donate to your youth ministry during an outreach program. These connections will help you at all times and you will be able to make meaningful relationships not only with the students but the parents.

Lastly as a youth group leader you should also reach out to YOUR STUDENTS! Your students are perhaps the best people to ask how effective your Bible lessons are. Teenagers for the most part will tell you how it is and if they don’t like something. Asked him for their opinions every once in a while on how you could improve your youth ministry. Asking for ideas when it comes to outreach programs and helping the community. When you allow your youth ministry students to have a say in how the youth group is run you will be amazed at all of the creativity that your students have.