Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Friday, October 7, 2022

Youth Group Lessons: While statistics have been saying for years that more and more Americans are obese, what has often fallen under the radar is another alarming trend: fat babies and fat toddlers.

Youth Ministry Lessons: For decades parents have warned about the risks of alcohol and drugs. While this is warranted, experts are now cautioning parents against the rise of a new form of substance abuse among teenagers: prescription drugs.

Youth Group Curriculum: In the city of Minneapolis, officials are seeing a rise in the homeless population. The median age of those that are homeless in the twin cities, however, is not as old as one might think.

Youth Group Lessons: England is facing the growing waistlines of its youth, this has forced companies to make modifications to their products. Everything from toys, to school uniforms to playground equipment is being modified to fit the growing bodies of children.

Youth Group Lessons: In Mexico City the divorce rate is almost 50%. That, however, may change as one politician has recently coauthored a controversial bill aimed at lowering the divorce rate significantly.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In terribly sad truth, girls as young as 13 are taken advantage of and abused for the sex trade in Las Vegas. In addition to drugs, they must deal with the psychological and sexual abuse thrown on them from those who prey on them.

Youth Group Lessons: When you think about a “sports fan”, you probably think of a man. Whether shirtless or clothed, painted or sitting quietly, most tend to equate sports watching with the male gender. But, facts are, this is changing rapidly.

Youth Group Lessons: Speaking in tongues has long been a controversial topic within the many veins of Christianity. Whatever the view, however, both sides are voicing concerns over the recent use of tongues online by one televangelist.

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