Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Ministry Activities: Here is a simple yet very powerful element to add to your youth ministry that can be used as a class starter each time you meet with your group. It proves to be a reminder of Christ and a way to clear the mind!

Youth Ministry Lessons: In the eyes of many young fans it would seem that Taylor Swift has it all. But in a recent interview Swift was painfully and hauntingly honest about the toll such a lifestyle has taken upon her young heart.

Youth Group Lessons: A student’s dream of completing her graduate program and becoming a counselor was quickly vanquished, when she voiced rather conservative views on a polarizing issue.

Youth Group Lessons: Just say the name “Justin Bieber” and chances are you will get a gamut of responses. Some LOVE him and some, well not so much. But an act of the young pop star is proving to get him in the good graces of everyone.

Youth Ministry Lessons: On New Year’s Eve in Billings, Montana when the Gaillard’s headed out of their hotel to go backcountry skiing, they had no reason to think the day would be different from any other.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Tim Tebow. All you have to do is say his name among a group of football enthusiasts and the opinions will rise. People either love him or love to hate him. They respect him or they can’t stand him.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A young mother who has seen her share of heartache after losing her husband, was at home with her infant son on New Year’s Eve when she heard someone trying to break into her home.

Youth Group Lessons: For many, marriage proposals are a private event. However, for one young couple at UCLA, their potential engagement , and resulting humiliation, was caught on camera for all to see.

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