Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Group Lessons: A new show featuring two rather spoiled teenagers engaging in questionable events with their mothers has given us a chance to reflect on the current state of mother-daughter relationships.

Youth Ministry Curriculum: In October 2009 self-help guru James Arthur Ray made headlines. While conducting a sweat lodge ceremony at the Angel Valley Resort in Sedona, three participants didn’t make it through, dying from complications due to over-heating.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The lines outside of stores on Black Friday were weaving around the building as people stood huddled in the cold, waiting until the doors burst open and the sales begin! For one girl, she found something in line that she wasn’t expecting – love.

Youth Group Lessons: A non-profit organization that has helped the state of Illinois handle their overwhelming caseload of foster children will be releasing 2,000 children currently in their care because of church and state disagreements.

Youth Group Lessons: While many young people aspire to be in politics, most don’t get the opportunity until later in life. Usually one finishes college, interns, then works for officials and hold smaller offices until the opportunity comes for something bigger.

Youth Ministry Resources: Nigeria is literally a country divided as half the country is Muslim and the other half Christian. Violence between the two groups is growing as Muslims in the North attempt to spread their beliefs through violence.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Sex education in public schools has always been a controversial issue. Since it was first introduced in schools decades ago there have been both supporters and those in opposition to the subject being broached at all.

Youth Ministry Lessons: While many say that prayer inside of a school is unconstitutional, the line becomes gray when religious activities happen outside of the school yet still on its property.

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