Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Ministry Lessons: It can be hard to believe that the United States has been at war within Afghanistan and Iraq for 10 years. For over ten years now American troops have been fighting and dying overseas for a war that is gaining less and less press coverage.

Youth Group Lessons: In a new study released by the Harvard School of Public Health, results showed that more often than not, the level of income of your neighborhood is going to dictate the level of care that you receive while at the hospital.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Students in Zanesville, Ohio were given an unexpected day off of school. It wasn’t due to inclement weather or teacher in-service,  it was because dozens of exotic animals were intentionally released from their cages and roaming the county.

Youth Group Lessons: Some pastors tend to steer clear of finger pointing on economic issues. Other pastors however are beginning to call out their own and encourage fellow leaders to speak the harsh words of greed that might be needed.

Youth Group Lessons: During election time it seems that it is open season for everyone from news reporters to comedians, to take shots at those who believe in God. Some going as far as to compare conservative Christians voters to those who believe in space aliens.

Youth Ministry Lessons: At the end of a sporting event, both teams line up on the field and the players shake hands with the opposing team. It’s a great show of their sportsmanship, unless it ends with 27 players going to the hospital.

Youth Group Lessons: When you think of a faith-based Hollywood movie, you don’t often think of an “R” rating.  But thats the rating for a new film that highlights a heroine-addict who turns his life around after coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Youth Group Lessons: Most colleges seem overrun with wild parties or groups of students out having a good time. For one college, however, they have found themselves overrun with something a little unusual at a college campus: bunnies.

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