Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Friday, January 28, 2022

Youth Group Lessons: Souvenirs from WWII connected with Hitler were discarded or destroyed for fear of the bad luck they would bring. Perhaps this is why one young soldier harbored oil-paint portraits of Adolf Hitler’s parents until his death.

Youth Group Lessons: Miley Cyrus, who became a household name with the hit show Hannah Montana, and is a self-proclaimed Christian, has once again made waves via her Tweeter updates.

Youth Group Lessons: Sometimes lawmakers can go a little crazy in trying to keep their citizens in check with the law. They can use empty threats, increase fines or…run over illegally parked cars with a tank?!?

Youth Ministry Lessons: For most humans, a rat does not necessarily make a tasty meal, but for many predators, they just can’t resist taking a bite of the small animals. One kind of rat has found an incredible way to protect itself.

Youth Group Lessons: A recent study released by the Canadian firm APTiquant revealed that users of Internet Explorer had lower IQ’s then people who chose other browsers, only one problem though, there was a small issue with the study.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The legal age to get married in India is 18, but for the majority, child marriage is still a reality. For one young girl, however, her courage and commitment to live her life as she desired brought change to an entire community.

Youth Group Lessons: Country music singer Dolly Parton has owned the family friendly theme park Dollywood located in Pigeon Forge, TN since 1986. For one couple trying to enjoy park, however, they found the park anything but family friendly.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Lack of proper health care in Africa is not a new but, rather it is an ongoing battle. Especially for women in Uganda who come to hospitals seeking aid for one of the most common procedures known to humans: giving birth.

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