Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Youth Ministry Lessons: For most families, when their pet seems to have run away from home the ending is not usually a happy one as they never receive closure. This story is a bit more complicated and raises some interesting questions!

Youth Ministry Lessons: Prison life is one of hardship and loneliness, a time for men and women to be separated from society to pay the penalty for their crimes. For one prison in the state of Washington, however, the reality is pretty far from the stereotype.

Youth Ministry Lessons: When a teenager is blessed with something in life, they might take it for granted. This is not one of those stories. Here is a story of a teenager who wins and then gives back $40,000!

Youth Group Lessons: When you think of pot smokers, chances are you think of teenagers sitting around a party table, not necessarily older men and women fighting serious diseases with what they view as a medicinal herb.

Youth Group Lessons: As the human population continues to expand, we build and live in areas closer and closer to “wild” animals. This has lead to human/animal interaction, and raises questions about our responsibility.

Youth Ministry Lessons: During the summertime months, men, women and children flock to public pools to escape the heat and have a good time with friends and family. For one young mother, however, the events took an odd and disturbing turn.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The Pew Research Center Internet and American Life project set out to see how the presence of such a small piece of technology has changed the dynamic between teenagers and their parents.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In movies with a perfectly executed bank robbery, the robbers get out effortlessly, walking out with millions of dollars in cash. They almost never get caught. Real life bank robbers, however, can be a little more…sloppy.

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