Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

In this youth ministry reflection we will be covering the nourishing of one’s mind, body, and soul! If your students give their mind, body, and soul what they crave,  it will allow your students to live the most fulfilling lives.

It’s easy for your youth ministry students to get caught up with worries during difficult times. They may think that finding joy involves a great deal of work or money. This isn’t true at all – there are plenty of ways to create joy!

On TV and in the media there are tons of unrealistic images of women. Unfortunately, that rubs off on the female members of your youth ministry. Chances are they feel the need to have unrealistic weight goals and a distorted body image.

If your youth ministry students don’t learn to control their anger, they can destroy the relationships in their lives and can also cause physical and emotional harm to everyone. Here is a great breakdown on anger to share.

One of the issues your youth ministry students will deal with is guilt. Whether or not your students think they actually “deserve” the guilt, you must express to them that it’s never a healthy emotion to hold onto in your life.

We all need to relax every now and then. There are many relaxation activities out there that cost a pretty penny, so here is a quick list to share with your youth ministry of 10 zero cost ways to relax!

Unfortunately, tragedy will touch all members of your youth ministry at some point. In the moment, nothing can lift your spirits and pick you up, but as time goes on, there are certain coping mechanisms you can adopt to move forward.

We all have fears. Even those that seem to be very surefooted might have fears that they’re failing to handle. These fears lead to pushy behaviors and other times they lead to timidness and lack of assuredness and confidence.

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