Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, May 9, 2021

All Youth leaders need a user-friendly process to be organized in all aspects of ministry. Also as a teacher you need a system to prepare as extensively as you can. If you don’t currently have preparation system, get started on creating one!

Have you ever known anyone whose faith has compelled him or her to move in a direction for God different from the way his or her life is currently going? Is your faith in God showing through to others in your lifestyle?

It is important to instill to your youth ministry that God is with us all the time. Life can be scary at times, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have the support and Love of God. Take a look at this group convo handout Overcoming Fear with God!

The few Youth Leaders that push and aim for something  purposeful with their Youth Ministry are the leaders that will make a difference in the lives of their students. Let’s ask a few questions to see if there is anything we can improve on.

With everyone on Facebook in the past few years, you most likely already have a profile. As a Youth leader, are you mindful of what you are posting? If a student were to see everything posted on your wall, what would they think?

Well all do it at some point, and some of us do it a lot more than we should, PROCRASTINATE! I was going to write this blog post later, but the productivity method in this Free E-book had me done with the post in half the time!

We are all guilty of missing something that God has placed right in front of us. Here is a great handout to share with your youth ministry that shows that we can miss certain things if we aren’t paying attention.

The relationships your students have with their parents can be a tough subject for some. Sometimes teens don’t want to honor their parents. But we should always reinforce that by honoring our parents we are honoring God.

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