Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Whenever teens think of a crisis, they usually concentrate on the bad. Make it clear that in crisis there is opportunity.Maybe a relationship has taken a turn, or maybe they flunked a test. Whatever the issue, the fact is they are still here.

Being realistic is a lesson for your students, and you. Being realistic is important when setting goals for your youth group in every situation. Having realistic expectations and goals, sets your youth group up for success every single time.

Now let’s be fair, we all know it can be difficult to stay motivated for task that does not interest us, maybe studying for a tough math exam? When we find ourselves in the situation we need to ask God for support and guidance.

A simple game for your youth ministry that can be done anywhere with a small group or a large group. If you are going to play inside just make sure you have enough space to move around a little! Great for teamwork, and a ton of fun!

This Ice Breaker requires a little sharing on everybody’s part. Everyone in the group will be sharing a few facts about their life that the other students might not know. A great way to learn about everyone, so listen up!

Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the first games we learn to play. But things get really interesting when people are teamed up and must depend on each other to win. A great game for medium to large sized youth groups, everyone will have fun with this!

When a company wants to sell a product or a service they often advertise with a TV commercial. A lot of factors determine if a commercial is successful. But one of the most important factors is how many times they run that commercial.

If you have a bad habit that you want to get rid of, it can be difficult and trying.  Instead of telling a student to just quit a habit, encourage them to replace it. Replace TV every day after school with going for a jog or walk each and every day.

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