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Friday, January 28, 2022

Recently a ton of comic books have been made into big budget Hollywood movie spectaculars, Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Iron Man, plus a ton of others. These movies are always popular with teens, and can spark a ton of creativity.

A great Outreach plan to help out those less fortunate who might need some help getting some essential learning tools. As summer winds down and the kids are heading back to school, lets help out in a simple yet very important way!

This Ice Breaker requires nothing but a little self-belief. How far can you go? Probably a lot further then you think is possible. A great Ice Breaker to start off a class or a group discussion. Get ready for a lot of “Wow that is cool!”

How often do you contact your youth group and their families?If you meet with your youth group on a weekly basis, all you have to do is remind everyone that if they need someone to talk with, you are always here to help!

Sometimes we feel that we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. But understand that no one can do everything except for God. When you try to take on everything, you can become overwhelmed, and run the risk of burning out.

A great game for your youth ministry. This one can be a ton of fun. The whole group takes part in “helping out” their classmates figure out a real simple question, Who Am I? Get ready for a lot of laughing and crazy answers!

There are oftentimes when we are selfless and giving to others that we neglect our own problems and conflicts. And for a lot of people when we need help ourselves we don’t ask, or seek the help that we would so freely give to others.

People do it every single day. There are tons of examples of lying that are commonplace in the world today. People cheat on tests. People start malicious rumors about others. People lie to their parents about where they have been.

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