Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Here is a great set of ice breaker questions for any meeting or get together you will have with your youth ministry students during this Christmas season. Start thinking about the best time of the year and share some memories!

Break up the time between your youth group bible lessons and have your youth ministry student’s test their knowledge with this fun Christmas trivia. There is a little mixture of bible knowledge and pop culture to get everyone thinking!

Here is a great Thanksgiving icebreaker that you can use when you’re meeting with youth ministry this week. It’s quick and simple and can be done anywhere! Make sure everyone is ready to share what they are thankful for!

Youth Ministry Activities: Here is a simple yet very powerful element to add to your youth ministry that can be used as a class starter each time you meet with your group. It proves to be a reminder of Christ and a way to clear the mind!

Which of the following doesn’t belong? Here is a great Christmas themed Ice Breaker for your youth group this season. Learn a little bit about everyone, and at the same time see how much everyone knows about each other!

Here is a great icebreaker for any youth group to use at the beginning of class time. Gather up some quarters and get ready to share a little bit about your life, every quarter will have it’s own story after this Ice Breaker!

Here is an Ice Breaker to get your youth group thinking on their toes. When you hear a name of a place, or a person or thing, what can you relate to it? There are a lot of answers, but the group must hurry, you only have a few seconds!

This Ice Breaker is a great way to have a little fun describing yourself and classmates. Get the brain running and be positive, describe your own best qualities and make your friends feel good by describing them with positive words.

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