Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Youth Ministry Lessons: In movies with a perfectly executed bank robbery, the robbers get out effortlessly, walking out with millions of dollars in cash. They almost never get caught. Real life bank robbers, however, can be a little more…sloppy.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In the day and age of iPod’s, the Internet and satellite radio, it’s hard to imagine that there are people living in remote areas of the world that have never seen, or heard, of any such inventions.

Youth Ministry Lessons: If you were ill, didn’t have insurance and in need of health care, where would you go? Prison would probably be the last place, right? Well that is exactly where one man in need of medical attention wants to go!

Youth Group Lessons: People often claim that God told them to do something in the midst of strange situations. How do we truly know whether or not God is really speaking through someone?

Youth Ministry Lessons: The day comes for all of us, we all die. But what are your wishes for your body after your death? Burial? Cremation? It’s a sensitive subject, especially when the plans go wrong.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A study reveals that 25% of high school students drink at least one soda every day. If, however, you count sugared drinks besides soda (flavored waters, sports drinks, etc.) the numbers significantly rise.

Youth Group Lessons: What responsibility does a pastor have to their flock? There are a few examples of pastors raising money from their churches, and using that money in extravagant ways. Is this what Jesus calls for?

Youth Group Lessons: What would you do if you found a big ol’ bag of cash? No name on the bag, and no one in sight that it might belong to. Would you seek out the owner? Well here is a story for your youth ministry about someone who did!

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