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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Next time you reach into the refrigerator for something to eat, you might want to say a prayer before taking the last bite! Here is a story of a young man who got physical with his mother after she downed HIS Starbucks Iced Coffee!

Do you think it is fair to hold bullies responsible for the death of a bullied person if they take their own life? Bullying is something that touches us all. Even if your students haven’t been bullied directly, they know of people who are.

A violent attack erupted recently in Cairo, Egypt amongst Muslims and Christians resulting in the total destruction of Saint Mena Church in Imbaba, a suburb of Cairo. Will the two largest religions in the world always fight?

The TSA (Travel Security Administration) came under fire recently when a picture taken with a cell phone of a TSA officer patting down an 8-month-old was posted on Twitter and quickly went viral. What in the world is going on?!

Here is a question to get your students thinking, What should the view of a Christian be on the issue of illegal immigration? The United States of America is a place many want to be, and many will go to great lengths to call the USA home.

A new trend among American colleges revolves around ways for students to release tension during exams. Colleges are busting out techniques from free cupcakes to yoga classes to help students cope with the stress of their tests.

When you visit the elephants at the zoo, you are probably thinking more about the strong smell then the fact that the tusks that adorn their faces are at the center of a ivory smuggling trade that has a long and sordid history.

On May 1, 2011 President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden, had been captured and killed. This brought out a wide range of emotion from around the world, and has raised important questions for your students to answer.

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