Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Here is a Word Search using biblical terms related to Easter for you to use with your youth ministry students. A great way to start off any meeting or bible study with your students, see who can finish first!

Youth Ministry Games: Easter Bingo – Here is a great way to start off any youth group meeting with Easter coming up, a game of BINGO! We have included a call sheet with all the terms and 30 unique Bingo Sheets for your students.

Keeping with the Thanksgiving holiday theme this week, here is a fun game that you can do with your youth ministry students. It’s a great game to get everybody thinking, and to bring everybody together as a team.

Here is a GIANT Word Search using biblical terms and popular Christmas sayings for you to use with your youth ministry students. There are close to 100 terms in this GIANT Word Search that will surely be a great deal of fun to complete!

Youth Group Games: Spring is right around the corner, and we need to get out students moving! Here are 5 real simple games you can use just about anywhere at anytime. So get out there and have fun moving around!

What do you get when you combine your youth ministry and the song “12 Days of Christmas”? A lot of fun! Add in a little creativity and everyone will be having a great time as a group. So don’t be shy and get ready to do a little singing!

Here is a great game for this time of year when it starts to get cold outside. The great part of this game is that it can be the beginning of a great outreach program to help members of your community who may be less fortunate.

Upside down, downside up, front side up, any which way. A great game that can be done anywhere, that is a great brain tumbler and gets the students thinking. This can be done with groups or every man for themselves!

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